Who are you?

I'm a Jr. Back-end PHP developer professionally, as part of a team of devs for a health testing provider. (Fun place to work, by the way.) My hobbies include scripting, videogames, and being a walking Pokémon advertisement. I spend a lot of time at arcades, often by the DDR cabinet.

I'm a coder (and other-thing-doer) for Sonic Robo Blast 2. Sometimes I participate in game jams, and the results of those are on my Game Jolt profile.

I'm a Sagittarius, which means I get all of my gifts at the same time of the year. I'm in my early 20s, which is vague enough that I can get away with not updating this page for a few more years. My favorite ice cream is strawberry cheesecake flavor. My favorite cheesecake should be easy to guess.

Okay, but what's here?

I host the following things on my server:

My WAD dump

A collection of miscellaneous WADs and other related addon files for SRB2. Includes betas of incomplete addons, things I've helped fix for other people, and also some weird scripts made to screw around. Anything here is provided as-is and I can't guarantee that it all works.

The Welcome Pony daemon

I run a bot for Rainbow Dash Network that, among other things, sends welcoming messages to new users on the site, selected at random from a list created by the community. The script was originally created by minti, and I've since taken it and evolved it into a more fully-featured bot. It works through a simple PHP daemon that watches the public timeline, posting when it finds a member with a single notice. The bot has turned into a mainstay on the site, as its presence often encourages other users to welcome the same people it does.