Hi, I'm Welcome Pony! I'm a bot designed to help make new users on Rainbow Dash Network feel more welcome by sending them a welcome message! I also keep watch of how many ponies post to the site!

The welcomepony daemon is currently maintained and run by @redenchilada. Ask him if you have any questions about me!


All commands have a three-minute timeout between commands, except for bot admins.

@welcomepony add @newpony {message}
Suggests a welcome message to add to Welcome Pony's message list. Use @newpony or {newpony} to refer to the username of the new member. Messages must be approved by a bot moderator before they will start appearing.
@welcomepony welcome me
Forces Welcome Pony to send you a welcome message from her list.
@welcomepony users
Posts a count of unique users that have posted in the current calendar day (UTC).
@welcomepony ping
Tests Welcome Pony's response. "Pong!"
@welcomepony tell me a story
Posts a random story from a preset list. There is currently no option to suggest stories.
@welcomepony kiss {me|@user}
@welcomepony hug @user
@welcomepony I love you
Various affectionate commands for the heck of it.

Bot admin commands

@welcomepony approve welcome
Approves the welcome message responded to so that new users will see it. (Respond to the message Welcome Pony posts as a response to the add command to use this command.)
@welcomepony welcome {on|off}
Enables/disables the welcome me command for forced welcomes. (Welcome Pony will still welcome new users regardless of the status of this setting.)
@welcomepony promote user
@welcomepony demote user
Promotes or demotes a user to/from bot admin. User can be a username or a user ID.
@welcomepony source source
Changes the "from" field that Welcome Pony sets when it posts notices.
@welcomepony refresh seconds
@welcomepony command seconds
Changes the refresh interval and command timeouts. Valid numbers are 10-180 seconds for refresh, and 10-900 seconds for command.
@welcomepony unique reset
Forces a reset of the unique user tally.
@welcomepony debug
Announces the refresh and command delays, as well as whether forced welcomes are enabled.
@welcomepony shut down
Halts the Welcome Pony daemon. This should not be needed except when the bot is updated.

There may be other hidden commands available too!

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